Courses at MAAC

Choose from specialized courses giving in-depth knowledge to learn
skills that prepare you for a successful career in the
professional Media and Entertainment industry

AD3D Edge PLUS - Advanced Program in 3D Animation Design

27 Months – Start from basics of animation and learn advanced 3D Animation softwares like AUTODESK MAYA, 3DS MAX, UNREAL Engine to master 3D Animation Design and Film Making

ADVFX PLUS - Advanced Program in Visual Effects Film Making

27 Months – Learn Visual Effects Design using popularly used industry software like

ADIDG - Advanced Program in Interactive Design and Games (AR / VR)

24 Months – Begin with exploring 3D animation design in this Gaming course and learn UNREAL AND UNITY GAME ENGINES to master interactive design and development for a career in Gaming, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

APDMD - Advanced Program in Digital Media & Design

16 Months – Learn Graphic Designing, Web Designing, and 2D Animation Design from scratch on industry favorite software, ADOBE CREATIVE SUITE. Learn UI/UX and Graphic Design using advanced tools.


12 to 20 Months – Learn core skills like Graphic Designing, Web Designing and get training in 3D Animation Design, study VFX, or Game Design.


1 Month to 1 Year Courses in Digital Design, 3D Architectural Visualization, Animation Film Making, Compositing and Editing, and more.

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