ADVFX PLUS - Advanced Program in Visual Effects Film Making

Skill Level - Advanced

Duration - 24 Months

Visual effects is an exciting field where no two days are the same! This course will walk you through the entire VFX production process step-by-step, give you plenty of hands-on experience, plus the confidence and job skills to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Master not just the fundamentals, but also the advanced techniques of VFX artistry. Learn the latest tools & technologies and gain a thorough understanding of the new-age production workflow! Be the VFX artist that makes an ordinary movie or a scene extraordinary with unparalleled visual effects!

Software covered

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, ADVFX covers the best of both worlds.

VFX is widely used in News Channels, Production Agencies, Creative Photography and Videography Shoots, Films, OTTs, and huge inflow of outsource work from Bollywood and Hollywood production studios across the globe.

All courses are certificate programs by MAAC. The primary goal of MAAC courses is making you skilled and roviding 100% Job Placement Assistance.

Student Works

Sneak peek into creations from students studying VFX with us.

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