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Read all rules & regulations carefully. Scroll the box to see the entire list of rules & regulations.


  • Course fees once paid are not refunded.

  • The students shall be allowed a grace period of three days for the payment of such installment/s that are due on the date specified in the receipt and will be charged Rs. 100 per day for the delay beyond the grace period.

  • Non-payment of fees within fifteen days from the expiry of the grace period is liable for termination of candidature from the course.

  • The Management reserves the right to change or modify the rules and regulations at its own discretion.

  • The Management shall not be responsible for any change in schedule, postponement or cancellation of lectures or lab sessions for reasons beyond their control.


On commencement of the scheduled batch, you will have to attend the lectures regularly. Students are requested/ required to arrive at the Academy punctually at their respective batch timings.Students will not be permitted to stand in the reception area so that it would cause any inconvenience to other people/ enquiries visiting the Academy.


Students are expected to maintain discipline, while present within the Academy’s premises. They are not to make any mischief or cause any disturbance while a particular session is underway. Students are not permitted to carry/play any noisy instruments in the classrooms/labs. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the Academy premises and strict action shall be taken against those found doing the same.Carrying laptops and pendrive is not allowed. Students are expected to carry their Identity Card with them at all times and should be able to produce the same on request by any staff of M.A.A.C. Incase of loss of Identity card; a duplicate will be issued subject to a written request from the student, on payment of applicable lees.


Students who need extra time to practice on machines need to book the machine three days in advance, in coordination with their respective faculty. Machines would be made available only when the machines are not being utilized for regular classes/sessions.Students using machines are responsible for any loss if incurred to organization.


Incase a student needs to take leave or a short break for any reason, he/she would need to inform the Academy Manager in the form of a written application and take subsequent approval for the same. Kindly note that the student would need to wait until the next batch reaches a similar stage of the course as the point that he/she left at to resume classes after completing the above mentioned break. No special/ private tuition’s/ personal batches would be conducted for the student in question. Any student remaining absent for more than fifteen days without having given notice in writing and the acquired the requisite approval shall be deemed to have opted out of the course and his name would be struck of the rolls. Any claim for refund of fees will not be entertained in such a case. If the candidate desires to continue the course he/she would have to re-register by paying a re-registration fee of Rs.2500/-.


Printed course material would be available with the Management/faculty for reference. These books maybe issued to the students, on payment of the applicable refundable deposit to the Academy, but would have to be returned to the Management within seven days from the date of issue. Students would also be given refere nce of bookstores from where they could purchase books for further research/exploration of related software apart from the course curriculum. A list of such books and bookstores would be available with the Management.


Every student would be given the opportunity to work on live projects/assignments available with the Academy at the latter part of the course to enable the Academy as well as the student to analyze and assess the quality of output that he/she is capable of delivering after acquiring the training being imparted by the Academy.


MAAC reserves the right to use/publish/print the students name and details in its marketing and promotional campaigns. The student details pertaining to their employment and profession may also be used on case basis. The work/images/show reels submitted by students at their respective centers provide rights to MAAC/Aptech Ltd pertaining to use for varied purposes like Marketing, Operational requirements, Demonstration or any other reasons not stated in the document. The rights on the student work submitted are unconditional, unfettered and non-disputable.


  • The Management reserves and retains the exclusive right to debar any student from appearing for the final examination if his attendance or performance during the tenure of the course is not found to be satisfactory.

  • The Management shall also have the power to debar any student if found committing any malpractice within the examination area /duration.

  • At regular intervals test assignments would be given to students with and without prior notice, which would be added to the students record of performance at the end of the course.

  • The Management shall not be responsible for maintaining students’ records after the relapse of six months from the date of completion of the course enrolled for.


Job assistance would be provided on fulfilling the following criteria:

  • Student who does not fulfill the criteria of minimum 85% attendance during the training tenure will not be entitled to get anyassistance.

  • Students desiring to avail of placement services will have to fill up the Placement Registration form available with the Management, and submit it along with their updated CDT, showreel   CV /Bio-Data to the Placement Department. Depending on the Placement Department’s scrutiny of the relative documents and finding it satisfactory they may send the student for a maximum of three interviews. In the event of the student not having been selected for a job even after three interviews he/she shall not be eligible for further placement opportunities through MAAC.


  • MAAC placement assistance service attempts to assist in placement of every student enrolled for a one year course and above.

  • An eligible student can avail of the placement services by filling up the Career Development Training form( for training ) as requested beginning of every quarter, followed by Placement Assistance Form once they are ready with their final showreel and submit to the Zonal Placement Head.

  • An eligible student can avail of the placement service, by filling up the PAF Form and submitting it to the placement personnel.

  • The 3 years of degree must have 10+2 as the entry level criteria for which the documentary evidence must be produced by the student, if required by MAAC.

  • Must have cleared all the dues towards fee.

  • The student is liable to be suspended at the discretion of the Management if any one of the aforesaid terms is violated. No claims will be entertained for the same.